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Catch the Ripper!

posted by: September 25, 2012 - 8:11am

RipperJack the Ripper has long captured the imaginations of readers and writers. Stefan Petrucha’s new teen novel Ripper brings a new twist on the well-known Ripper mythology.


Carver Young loves mystery novels and breaking the rules, which recently led him to find a letter from his father. This is the only information that he has about his parents. When the orphanage where he lives is forced to require all children over eight years old to find homes, 14-year-old Carver is adopted by a retired Pinkerton detective. Soon, Carver is being trained as a detective by his eccentric mentor, and his first assignment is to follow the clues to learn about his father. As his investigation progresses, Carver begins to see more and more parallels between his father and a killer who is stalking women in New York City. With Carver, the New Pinkertons, and the New York City Police led by Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt on the trail of the killer, two questions emerge: Is Carver really Jack the Ripper’s son? Can he stop the Ripper? 

Gadgets abound, giving this fast-paced novel a hint of steampunk feel. The New Pinkertons’ headquarters is a haven for contraptions that will make the detectives’ work easier. From an analytical engine (a steam-powered computer) to a stun baton and an auto-lock pick, these devices add a quirky element to the story. Petrucha takes liberties with historical details, but he does include notes to help readers distinguish between fact and fiction. Although they are on the trail of Jack the Ripper, the story is low on gore and high on action and suspense. Petrucha has created a non-stop thrill-ride with a killer twist that will leave readers waiting for the sequel, which he is already writing!


Revised: September 25, 2012